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lost-season-4a1The only network drama really worth watching these days returns January 21 on ABC for its 5th season. I’m anxiously awaiting the Lost premiere and can’t wait to see the twists and turns that are in store for this season. Season 4 ended with the Oceanic 6 getting rescued and returning to the lives they left behind only to learn that life away from the island isn’t so sweet. The remaining survivors were left on the island which ultimately vanished. Season 5 will revolve around the Oceanic 6 trying to find their way back to the island and (hopefully) viewers will find out where the island went. I’m sure many more secrets of the mysterious island will come to light as the series comes to an end in 2010 with its 6th season. : ( I guess every good story must come to an end. This month I’ll be revisiting seasons 1-4 on DVD and getting ready for the big premiere–a three hour event! The premiere will begin at 8pm with an hour-long recap followed by the first two episodes of the new season from 9pm-11pm. While the show aired on Thursdays last year, this season the series returns to its original time slot–Wednesdays at 9pm.

Watch the Season 5 Trailer


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