Addicted to Joe!

April 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

One of the beloved sources of my addiction

DISCLAIMER: This post was written as the addict, writer was busy studying for an exam and was overcome with fantasies about hitting up the nearest Starbucks.


1. being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)
2. an abnormally strong craving

I’d like to think I don’t have an addictive personality. All things in moderation, right? Apparently I’ve been in denial for the past four years (when my obsession began) because it hasn’t even been a week since I’ve had some and I feel like an addict going through the preliminary stages of withdrawal. Inquiring minds want to know: Is it drugs? Not a chance, I’ve always just said no. Smoking? I happen to like my lungs! Sex? Get your head out of the gutter!!

It’s an addiction that may seem like an exaggeration for most, but ask around. I swear it’s true! My addiction: coffee, java, Joe. My addiction goes by many aliases. Yeah, yeah, I know I must lead a rather monotonous life if a coffee addiction has consumed me enough to engage in such commentary.

Ha! Coffee’s no big deal. Where’s the harm in warming up to a little Joe every now and then. That’s exactly what I’d tell myself every time I walked into a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts in search of my sanity.

Besides, I’m something short of an insomniac at times. Most college students are. So after losing sleep night after night, I need to depend on my morning fix to get me energized to begin another busy day. Some emergencies require two to four cups a day. Those emergencies range from final exams and 6am wake-up calls (after a night of just 2 or 3 hours of sleep) to adjusting to different time zones when I have the urge to get away–far, far away obviously.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. The second step is trying to figure out who to blame. I for one have found a number of people and entities responsible for my fall into addiction:

    1. My parents who thought it was absolutely adorable that as a child I indulged in tiny sips of their coffee.
    2. One of my favorite coffee pushers: Dunkin’ Donuts. “America runs on Dunkin!” Clearly this motto alone has set me and countless others up for failure, by insinuating that we Americans just can’t function without coffee. God help us all.
    3. Starbucks, because they’re so creative in all their coffee flavors (and advertising), that it’s hard for people to resist. And come on! You know all writers find themselves in Starbucks with a laptop in tow crafting their next masterpiece (hopefully), surrounded by young, attractive, hipsters drinking their afternoon lattes . The temptation to look cool is overbearing.
    4. Articles like this (based on studies of course) that come out so every often that proclaim the words, “(Coffee) can be a highly beneficial drink.”
    5. This thing called college, where students often lose countless hours of sleep for the sake of a diploma.

So now inquiring minds want to know: Why are you giving up coffee? Well, last week I got braces and I’ll unfortunately be bound to them for a year and a half. Braces, ugh? What a bummer? Don’t people usually do that when they’re let’s say 8, instead of well, 21? These questions can (but probably won’t) be answered in another post.

Getting braces gave me the incentive to give up coffee because having braces requires a serious committment to better dental hygeine. And coffee is one of those drinks that unfortunately leaves stains on your braces and with the terrible amounts of sugar I always add to my coffee (despite the cries from friends to lay off), my orthodontist would probably kill me! In a nutshell, I’d rather not have the parentals dish out thousands of dollars for a less than stellar result–a perfect smile! And having an addiction to anything, even if it is as harmless as coffee isn’t necessarily a good thing. So, ever since I stepped into that orthodontist’s office and became Ugly Betty, I’ve made a vow to myself to let go of my java addiction.

The road has been hard and lonely. And running back and forth to NYC every week hasn’t helped. Do you know how many Starbucks are in NYC!! Temptation is all around me. But, I will NOT give in! So, pals if you see me with Joe, please tell me to let him go.


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